Friday February 24 2012
Del Piero: 'The San Siro effect'

“Playing at San Siro is an honour and a privilege,” wrote Alessandro Del Piero ahead of Milan-Juventus.

The Bianconeri captain should know, as he has featured in this stadium many times and goes into the Saturday evening Scudetto showdown.

“Playing at San Siro is an honour and a privilege,” read Del Piero’s official blog.

“When you step on to the San Siro pitch for the first time, you understand that maybe you’ve really made it.

“At San Siro the world is seen better upside down, or should I say overhead (like on May 8 2005).

“San Siro is the home of champions. Among them all, I single out one: for me it will always be Paolo Maldini’s arena. He is world class, a friend and an example for all.

“The night before a match at San Siro, you really cannot think of anything else. Like me, right now...

“See you tomorrow, Alessandro.”