Tuesday March 6 2012
Macheda's Rome derby adventure

Federico Macheda reveals why he flew all the way to Rome and back just to watch Lazio win the derby with the ultras. “It was totally worth it!”

He grew up in the Biancocelesti youth academy and remains a huge fan, but is now owned by Manchester United and on loan with QPR.

‘Kiko’ flew 300km from London to Rome on Sunday morning and flew back after the game, as he explained to Radio Manà Manà.

“I decided on Thursday to come to Rome so I could see the game live, once I was certain I’d have the day to rest from training,” said the striker.

“Thanks to help from my cousin, I was able to get a ticket in the Curva Nord. I arrived on Sunday morning and flew back the day after, as I really couldn’t miss this appointment. At the end of the day, I can safely say it was totally worth it!”

Lazio emerged 2-1 winners over local rivals Roma and Macheda was celebrating with the ultras.

“Having come so far, it’s only right that Lazio now qualify for the Champions League. It’s true Serie A is very difficult and anything can still happen, but I think the team deserves this achievement.”

Macheda is working with an ex-Biancocelesti player, as Djibril Cissè joined QPR in January.

“The rapport with Djibril is excellent and we spend time together outside the training ground too, as he is the teammate I have most connected with. There is an important project here in London, but the objective is to end this season staying in the top flight.

“I am still owned by Manchester United. I can’t say what the future holds, but at the end of the loan I will certainly go back. It goes without saying that my dream is to make my mark with the United shirt, even if everyone knows how difficult that is. I’ll play all my cards.”