Wednesday December 29 2010
Lecce-Bari derby behind closed doors

Lecce and Bari are furious after the Puglia Derby was ordered to be played behind closed doors.

There are fears of crowd trouble when the two local rivals and relegation candidates go head-to-head at the Stadio Via del Mare on January 6.

Amid these concerns, the government watchdog for sports events has ordered the game be played behind closed doors.

It was originally hoped the entire Curva Sud would be handed over to the Bari supporters in possession of the ‘Fan Passport.'

“This is the worst possible decision they could've made,” slammed Lecce President Pierandrea Semeraro.

“I think it represents the absolute failure of the fan passport. We have been forced to close the stadium, penalising those fans who go to see a sporting event.

“I expect the fans will meet each other outside the stadium and sport will be defeated. The fan passport has to be reconsidered, as it's worth next to nothing.”

The watchdog has also ordered Catania fans to be barred from their trip to Roma on January 6 amid security concerns.