Wednesday March 14 2012
Palermo dismiss Reja invention

Palermo have dismissed reports that they are thinking about approaching Lazio boss Edy Reja for 2012-13.

Whispers have been suggesting that President Maurizio Zamparini is considering replacing Bortolo Mutti with Reja over the summer.

“We read about this story in the newspapers,” Palermo Vice-President Guglielmo Micciche told La Lazio Siamo Noi.

“This is an invention because we haven’t yet decided what to do about next season and we are still waiting for the present campaign to finish.

“We’ve never thought about Reja. Perhaps Zamparini’s words when he spoke about a ‘Coach like Reja’ were misinterpreted.

“That didn’t mean that the Lazio boss is an objective of ours...”

Reja’s own future in the Italian capital is in doubt after handing in his resignation on two occasions already this season. Lazio rejected both quit requests.