Saturday January 8 2011
Mutu: 'I expected Fiorentina gratitude'

Adrian Mutu reveals he “expected more gratitude” from Fiorentina, although “everything started to go wrong from the moment I was suspended” for failing a drugs test.

He stormed out of training on Wednesday and the club has announced plans to sue in order to have his contract terminated and damages paid.

However, the player and his agent painted a very different picture of the events leading up to that incident.

“Before the game with Bologna, the Coach said I'd be in the 18-man squad,” Mutu told Romanian television station Antena 1.

“When I found out that it wasn't the case, I considered it a lack of respect. Fiorentina have also said some horrible things about me and I'm ready to leave this club right away.

“Everything started to go wrong the moment I was suspended. I did everything for this club, scored many goals and I expected more gratitude.”

The former Chelsea and Juventus striker was banned from January to October 2010 when he failed a routine drugs test.

It emerged he had taken a diet supplement during the Christmas break in Romania which contained a banned substance, even if it was not marked on the label. When Mutu did return from that ban, he was involved in a late-night brawl with a waiter.

“I have never been at a club as long as with Fiorentina,” he continued. “It will be really very difficult for me to leave this side. I don't know why, but I hope all this chaos can suddenly stop and I can continue to play here, even if I realise it's almost impossible.”

The issue was around a January transfer to Cesena, as Fiorentina reportedly blocked the move and would rather sell him abroad.

“I read in the papers that I got into a fight with Sinisa Mihajlovic. It made me laugh, as he's twice my size, so how could I get into a fight with him? In any case, after the morning training session, Fiorentina let me know that I was no longer allowed to train with them.”

Fiorentina have announced plans to sue Mutu's agent, Giovanni Becali, for claims the directors repeatedly insulted the player during Wednesday's transfer summit.