Thursday January 20 2011
Reja hits out at referee

Lazio boss Edy Reja has blamed the referee for last night's defeat to Roma in the Coppa Italia.

The Aquile went down 2-1 and Reja has yet to beat Roma in his career.

"Now you can't say that we have a Roma complex," he raged.

"When we face Roma there is always an episode in their favour while it never happens to us.

"I don't understand why Mauro Zarate was blown for offside at the end. The ball came to him after a back pass from a Roma player.

"And again: on the penalty in our favour, Juan was the last man and should have been sent off. I don't understand why he stayed on the pitch.

"It's incredible. Things always go the same way. But it's useless to protest," he concluded.