Sunday January 23 2011
Macheda compares Serie A to Prem

Federico Macheda is noticing the differences – or lack thereof – between Serie A and the Premier League as he prepares to face Juventus.

“The defenders hit you just as hard in Italy as in England, with the only difference being in the Premier League the referees whistle less,” explained the Sampdoria striker.

“I have always said my objective is to return to Manchester United and make my mark in the Premier League, as they are a world class club.

“In terms of organisation, they are a step above the rest. Sir Alex Ferguson even came to watch the youth team games and always cheered me on.

“That never happened when I was at Lazio. Before I left, the only one of the top players who came over and asked me to stay was Fabio Firmani.”

However, Macheda points out there was responsibility that came with playing for United.

“One time he tore shreds off me when I got back to the hotel late after a night out.

“I do like it at Sampdoria, so if I see there aren't many prospects in England, then I could stay on longer.”