Saturday February 19 2011
Ancelotti: 'Gattuso is a good man'

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has leapt to the defence of “good man” Gennaro Gattuso following the row with Joe Jordan.

The Milan midfielder was involved in an altercation with the Tottenham assistant manager after the final whistle in this week's Champions League game.

“I was obviously not happy because Gattuso is a very generous player, is a very good man,” said ex-Milan Coach Ancelotti.

“He made a mistake. I'm very disappointed with this. Also, he was very disappointed after the game. He said sorry and full stop.

“He's played 100 games in the Champions League and he never had problems. I have seen him always correct. He made a mistake, he said sorry and now UEFA obviously will make a decision.”

Gattuso has been charged with gross sporting misconduct and awaits a disciplinary hearing by UEFA next week.