Saturday February 26 2011
Zampa: 'Refs holding back Palermo'

President Maurizio Zamparini stirred up more controversy by claiming “it's impossible for Palermo to reach the Champions League because of referees.”

The notoriously fiery patron made his statements after the side slipped down the standings with two consecutive defeats.

“It is practically impossible for Palermo to reach the Champions League and next season will be even harder,” said Zamparini.

“The big clubs have written themselves a rule book that fits them like a glove and we have seen it in the type of refereeing Palermo have been subjected to up until now.”

The Sicilians take on Udinese in what is sure to be an entertaining game on Sunday.

“Palermo and Udinese are battling for the same targets. We are two teams who play good football and balance each other out.

“The Friulani are in better shape at the moment, but the home advantage will count for us. It's going to be a great match.”