Thursday November 11 2010
Zamparini confirms intention to sell

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini has issued a statement on the club's official website confirming his intention to sell up.

The 69-year-old was incensed with the standard of refereeing in Palermo's 3-1 defeat away to Milan at San Siro last night.

Speaking immediately after the game, he said: "Tomorrow morning I will resign… I want to distance myself as soon as possible from this football.

"Palermo is up for sale right now. I thought things had changed, but it's still the same filth."

Zamparini has been as good as his word, showing that last night's reaction was anything but knee-jerk.

"I have given the go ahead to identify an 'advisor' to entrust with the sale of [my] shares in Palermo football club.

"My decision is 'firm' even in the suffering that I feel in leaving a beautiful group of fans like Palermo's with whom I am tied by a deep and mutual affection.

"The new owner of the club must certainly be of such a level as to guarantee the support of our objectives: that of being a great club.

"Everything is owed to the fact that I feel and I leave defeated by a pseudo-sporting world, where, despite my 24-year ultra-like fight, the values of sport are vanishing ever more, [a world] where the economic and media power of three or four clubs that only want to share the Scudetti rules.

"I am tired of fighting also for my age. I hope to leave the helm to younger people who have the enthusiasm and the strength to fight and to change [football] for the better where I haven't managed to do so, bringing the world of football back to the ambit of sport and of true values, ensuring games where the teams are on 'equal terms' and 'the best' can win with mutual guarantees of sporting fair play."