Saturday March 19 2011
Mihajlovic: 'Facing Roma like a derby!'

Fiorentina-Roma is no ordinary game for Sinisa Mihajlovic. “We can beat them and it's a derby for me, so we'll play it like a Cup Final.”

The Viola Coach has faced the Giallorossi many times in his past career as a Lazio player from 1998 to 2004.

“It is a special match and I know what it means for the Fiorentina fans. It's a derby for me too, so we'll play it like a Cup Final,” declared Mihajlovic.

“My rapport with Francesco Totti is normal now and I have nothing to add to that. Totti speaks with actions rather than words and I'm not surprised he is still making the difference at age 34. I hope he'll keep going for another decade.”

This will also be a battle between the two youngest Coaches in Serie A, as Sinisa is 42 and Vincenzo Montella 36.

“Thankfully Montella will be on the bench and not on the field tomorrow. I am happy for him, as he's proving that he can control the squad and is very cool-headed. It's positive to see more young tacticians working, as the success of Pep Guardiola prompted other Presidents to consider this option.

“In terms of technical quality, only Inter are stronger than Roma, but we want to win and must be aggressive all over the pitch. This Fiorentina is capable of making that step up and beating one of the big clubs.”

Mihajlovic caused controversy earlier this season when he criticised Adem Ljajic for indulging in too much chocolate and video games.

“These young players like Ljajic and Khouma Babacar spend all day on the computer now and don't go to bed until 3am. It'd be better if they went out partying at that point!”