Saturday April 9 2011
Rossi: 'I returned for Palermo fans'

Delio Rossi reveals why he returned to Palermo just 35 days after he was fired. “I came back for the people. The Coppa Italia is our priority.”

The Coach was sacked and replaced by Serse Cosmi, but with one win and three defeats in this period, President Maurizio Zamparini recalled his tactician.

“The team is still a little shaken after the derby defeat to Catania,” said Rossi ahead of his second ‘debut' against Cesena.

“I can have some sensations in training, but the only real response will be on the field in a match situation. In football people tend to look to their own interests and not the squad, but that isn't what I want to see.

“Every game is a step closer to the only real objective we have left. The Coppa Italia is our priority.”

Palermo are in the semi-final against Milan and winning the trophy, or even just reaching the Final, is their best chance of qualifying for Europe.

“I think I know the fans and understand them. They aren't in the best mood right now, but I am certain tomorrow they'll give us a big hand and rally round to help us get out of this dark tunnel,” continued Rossi.

“It's too easy for some fans to support us only when things are going well. We can tell the real men in situations like this. That's true of the players too. It's inadmissible to see performances like the ones against Udinese and Catania, where the team just didn't step on to the field.”

There was a great deal of controversy during the final days of Cosmi's reign, as he claimed President Zamparini ordered him to drop Fabrizio Miccoli for the Sicilian derby.

“We are not talking about a child here, but a professional. In life some situations arise that you didn't expect. The only thing Fabrizio has to do is go on to the field and ‘speak' with his feet.”