Thursday April 14 2011
Raggi rages at ex-Bari boss

Bari defender Andrea Raggi raged against ex-Coach Giampiero Ventura. “He talked total rubbish and I won't accept it.”

Ventura resigned earlier this season with the team propping up the table, but has left behind some bitter memories.

“I came to Bari with so much enthusiasm and was promised a great deal that did not materialise,” slammed Raggi.

“Ventura wanted me to arrive and said I'd play as a centre-back, but that never happened. We didn't even test it out in training. When Ventura moved Andrea Masiello to right-back, I was completely forgotten.

“If the Coach said that Leonardo Bonucci and Andrea Ranocchia were the only central defenders with ‘good feet' he ever had at Bari, then it's the latest total rubbish he has talked and I won't accept it.

“When you start a season and play two games on the right, five on the left, a month out and then used to plug holes here and there, a player loses momentum and focus.”