Sunday April 24 2011
Moratti on Inter's 'show of strength'

Inter President Massimo Moratti hailed his side for beating Lazio. “It isn't easy to react with 10 men, but their character overcame fatigue in a show of strength.”

The Nerazzurri looked to be in dire straits when Lazio took a 1-0 lead and Julio Cesar was sent off, but they fought back to win 2-1 and recaptured second place.

“It isn't easy to react with 10 men, but the team gave a great response,” said the patron.

“I thought the players were more tired, which with a Coppa Italia game on Tuesday was entirely understandable, but their character overcame fatigue. This bodes well for the upcoming matches.

“This was a show of strength for many reasons. We saw a confident and intelligent side that never lost their heads or its focus within the game. If Inter won everything for five consecutive years, then this mentality and self-belief is among the reasons.”

Inter leapfrogged Napoli to go back into second place, but are eight points adrift of Serie A leaders Milan.

“If only we hadn't gone through that cursed week then we'd have been in a different position right now,” he said referring to the derby defeat and Champions League exit.

“This proves that losses at this point can weigh heavily on everyone, because this is a difficult campaign. We are unfortunately quite a distance from Milan, but will try to defend our position and see how it ends up.

“The players have given and continue to give their all. I expect and hope not to struggle too much to get into the Champions League.”

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