Wednesday May 4 2011
Baggio congratulates Totti

Roberto Baggio is “happy” Francesco Totti broke his goal-scoring record. “If I had been playing under the new rules, though...”

Last week Totti scored his 206th Serie A goal, surpassing the 205 amassed by Il Divin Codino in his career.

“Was I upset? Absolutely not. I give Totti my compliments, as he is a great player,” Baggio told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I'm happy for him, as he fought so hard and is now reaping the rewards. He always picked himself back up with pride and courage, even when some doubted him. Now we can only applaud.

“Who is the better player? Everyone has their own characteristics. Totti set an example with his achievements and his passion for this sport, proving you can push beyond your limits.

“I give a word of advice: he has the quality and ability to keep going and catch the next players in the all-time scorers' charts. He is one of the last few real Number 10s and while he has the strength, he should keep playing.”

Jose Altafini and Giuseppe Meazza are next in line with 216 Serie A goals each.

However, Baggio did have a point to make on comparisons between him and Totti, or Diego Maradona and Leo Messi.

“We played in different eras. For Diego and for me there is the regret that we didn't play under the new rules, where tackles from behind are sanctioned. It would've been easier to play without that fear.”

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