Tuesday May 17 2011
'Little chance' Montolivo will stay

Riccardo Montolivo confirms a meeting with Fiorentina next week, but the club feels “there's very little chance he'll stay.”

The midfielder has hesitated over signing a contract extension for several months, fuelling reports of an imminent move to Inter, Juventus or a foreign club.

“I asked the club for another meeting over the next few days, as I did not expect them to propose a new contract,” Montolivo told Sky Sport Italia.

“I have some doubts, but soon we will clarify the situation. I won't rule out an overseas experience either.”

The Viola put forward an extension until 2016 that is reputedly worth €2m per season.

“We have agreed to meet up after the end of the season,” explained director of sport Pantaleo Corvino.

“We want him to continue at Fiorentina, even if we realise there's very little chance he'll stay. He is considering things and we are waiting for him.

“We did everything possible to convince him to stay and Riccardo knows that. We started talking to his entourage about a new contract two years ago. It was all done, then they put on the brakes.”

The problems do not seem to be financial as much as professional. Fiorentina have failed to qualify for Europe for a second consecutive campaign and the 26-year-old wants a more challenging outlook.