Saturday May 28 2011
Cerci: 'Fiorentina fans hurt me'

Alessio Cerci launched a scathing attack on Fiorentina fans. “You'll never see me celebrate with supporters. I have been deeply hurt. I won't forget.”

The winger was one of their form players towards the end of the season and broke his personal best scoring record.

“You'll never see me celebrate with supporters under the curva. I have been deeply hurt,” he told Sportweek.

“In the last few months I scored goals and played well. The headlines in newspapers and the chants from fans also turned positive – those same fans who insulted me and my girlfriend when they met me in the street.

“I will not forget what has been said. The results weren't coming, the team played badly, but I was painted as the only guilty party.

“Perhaps they used me as a scapegoat because I was young, or the fact I'm from Rome and the Romans really are not popular in Florence.

“They even accused me of playing badly because I liked nice cars.”

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