Sunday June 12 2011
Melo: 'Juve don't respect me'

Felipe Melo has blasted Juventus for even considering his sale. “The club is not respecting me. I had an almost perfect season.”

The midfielder signed from Fiorentina two years ago for €25m and had a terrible debut campaign, while he has still not entirely won over the fans.

He has been mentioned in the media as bait to bring in Lassana Diarra from Real Madrid, while Premier League exchanges are also possible.

“Let us say that Juve are not respecting me, or at least that's the impression I get,” Melo told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I see my name pushed into all sorts of negotiations, but I haven't heard the club deny any of it. I haven't received a phone call either.

“I am not just anyone. I am not a bargaining chip to be used to reach anybody. I think that I am an important figure for this club.

“I hear talk of this or that midfielder to be signed, but perhaps they forget that without me the team hardly ever won this year.

“I made just one mistake against Parma, but other than that I had an almost perfect season. I must've picked up about four or five yellow cards in total.

“On a personal level, I made up for the previous year. The fans realised that and they love me. I want to stay, as I love Juve and desire to win with this shirt.”

Melo set out an ultimatum to the Bianconeri and new Coach Antonio Conte.

“If the club wants to sell me, then no hard feelings. I won't stay where I'm not wanted. However, I choose where it is I go from here and I am certainly not lacking in offers.”

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