Sunday November 21 2010
'Cassano will never play for Samp'

President Riccardo Garrone has made his position very clear. “Antonio Cassano will never again wear the Sampdoria jersey.”

The club is in the process of a legal bid to terminate his contract for ‘insubordination' and the first meeting of the authorities to rule on the matter is set for December 3.

The initial attempt will be at reconciliation, but it's already clear that is not going to happen.

“One thing is certain: Cassano will never again wear the Sampdoria jersey,” Garrone told RAI television.

“I am making this an issue of consistency, something I have never lacked in my life.”

If the contract is terminated, then Cassano could become a free agent in time for the January transfer window.

Among the clubs interested in taking on the Italy international are Juventus, Inter, Fiorentina, Palermo, Chelsea and Manchester City.