Sunday June 26 2011
Roma on Enrique and Vucinic

Roma chief Walter Sabatini explains why they chose Luis Enrique and the reasons behind Mirko Vucinic's imminent departure.

“We wanted to understand if there could be a union of the Barcelona style of football and Italian,” explained the director of sport on Teleradiostereo.

“Enrique had a very strong temperament as a player and he still has it in his coaching style. We aim to build a new way of viewing football at Roma, but it is a complex affair and we need to develop it over time.”

Some figures do not see themselves in this new squad and Vucinic has made it clear he wants to quit the Giallorossi.

“We talked things over and I tried to get him to be positive, but he is very upset. I remind everyone that Vucinic is a champion with the kind of skills that only five or six players in Europe can boast.

“He is always unpredictable and in terms of technique is almost supernatural. However, the affection of the fans is needed by all players, especially someone like Mirko.

“He feels the fans do not respect him. This is a situation that can be resolved and I pointed out to him that some of it is down to his attitude. Fans must understand the psychology of a player, but it goes both ways.”

The Montenegro international striker has been linked with Juventus and Blackburn Rovers, although his agent pointed out he can “aim for a more prestigious club” than the Premier League side.

“If Mirko can find his calm again, then we'd be happy to keep him,” concluded Sabatini. “Otherwise he will be put on the transfer market.”

The director of sport also gave an update on the goalkeeper situation, which stemmed from Bologna's paperwork error in a blind auction with Inter for Emiliano Viviano.

“That incident can happen to anyone. It happened to me once, too. Viviano is linked with us because we are looking for a new goalkeeper.

“Maarten Stekelenburg? It's true that everyone would like the Ajax shot-stopper. Gianluca Curci is a Roma player and came from our youth academy, so he could be useful in the UEFA squad list, but it is possible he won't stay with us.”