Tuesday July 5 2011
Ref 'always said we talked to Inter'

Ex-refereeing designator Paolo Bergamo insists nobody should be surprised by Inter's wiretapped phone calls. “I always said I spoke to everyone.”

The Calciopoli scandal has been dragged up again by the latest FIGC report ruling that Nerazzurri chief Giacinto Facchetti had also regularly called the designators.

“There is absolutely nothing new for me in these revelations,” Bergamo told

“From the very first day of the investigation in 2006 I always said that I spoke to everyone. Pierluigi Pairetto and I had a rapport with representatives of all the clubs.

“We spoke to find solutions to problems and avoid too much controversy in the newspapers, which is what the Federation had asked of us.

“However, something has to be made very clear: these phone calls were perfectly legal, so do not call them illegal or unsportsmanlike.

“I also always said phone calls with Inter were more frequent than other clubs because they were not very successful at the time. They didn't get results and complained about the refereeing.

“I am proud of the work we did.”

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