Tuesday July 5 2011
Moggi: 'Let Inter sing about stealing'

Luciano Moggi was the main ‘villain' of Calciopoli and is enjoying Inter's fall from grace. “Let's see if they still sing about stealing.”

The former Juventus director general was seen as the primary figure behind the scandal and barred permanently from holding jobs in football.

The latest FIGC report into the Calciopoli wiretaps turned up evidence against the Nerazzurri, who also made regular phone calls to refereeing designators.

“Finally we have been able to drag these things out of them, even if there is still time for the kind of victory I am thinking of,” Moggi told Tuttosport.

“Considering what they did to me and to Juventus, it'll take a lot more than this.”

As the incidents occurred in 2006, the matter is beyond the statute of limitations, so Inter will not have that Scudetto revoked.

“I can finally enjoy the fact that someone listened to me. It's only a shame this is coming out now, as I was already saying these things in 2006.

“If I were in Massimo Moratti's shoes, I would've avoided going around telling everyone I was clean and honest for all these years. Now those phrases are even more jarring in light of the recent revelations.

“Besides, if he thinks he's really all that honest, then let Moratti and Inter forego the statute of limitations! Let them have a trial.

“I think back to the footage of the Inter players who were singing: ‘We win without stealing.' I expect they'll have to dream up a new chant, now...”

The recent report only emerged because Moggi's lawyers played the Inter wiretaps during the civil Calciopoli trial in Naples earlier this year.

“They made a big mistake in giving me up for dead,” continued the ex-Juventus director general.

“They thought I'd go to sleep after the 2006 trial, but I'm still wide awake. They wanted Calciopoli? Fine, now have the whole thing. Some will cry, some have explaining to do, but everyone has to be on alert.”

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