Sunday July 17 2011
Malesani 'reborn' at Genoa

Alberto Malesani believes his new job at Genoa represents “a rebirth after some difficult moments. I resisted the fashion in football.”

The Coach managed to save Bologna from relegation despite a three-point penalty and numerous financial problems at the club, but opted to change over the summer.

“I start again with great enthusiasm, as President Enrico Preziosi really believes in me,” said Malesani.

“This is my 11th club. Genoa is like a rebirth after some difficult moments. Football goes in waves of fashion, but I did well to resist. Now I am here and I am happy.

“This is not yet the definitive squad and we need two weeks to evaluate everything, then we might make some more adjustments on the market. We are already on the right track, though.”

Genoa failed to qualify for Europe, but Malesani and Preziosi have big ambitions.

“I don't want to make any proclamations, but Genoa must finish in the top half of the table. That's already a lot for me, as recently I've always been battling relegation.”