Wednesday December 1 2010
Lucarelli: 'Strike not about money'

Cristiano Lucarelli and Players' Association President Sergio Campana insists the Serie A strike “is not about money.”

The media, Lega Calcio and FIGC have criticised the Players' Association (AIC) for announcing strike action on the weekend of December 12, as the collective bargaining contract has still not been negotiated.

“If everything is explained with mountains of demagoguery and false morality, which is what is currently happening, then our protest will be seen a certain way by the public,” said Napoli striker Lucarelli.

“However, if there was intellectual honesty from those who have been in talks with all sides and really understand what the players want, then the people would appreciate our gesture more.

“The AIC represents 2,800 players and not just those 20-30 who earn millions of Euros. Many earn around €1,100 and those wages don't always turn up on time.

“We are standing up for the weaker sections of this profession. There is nothing to say we won't strike again after December 11 and 12. The players have never been so united. When we're talking about rights, it is true of everyone and not just millionaires.”

AIC President Campana also criticised the reaction to their strike decision.

“I expected CONI President Gianni Petrucci to criticise everyone and not just the AIC.”

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