Friday January 21 2011
Sampdoria in bid to sign Foggia

Sampdoria are in talks with Lazio in an effort to sign Pasquale Foggia before the January transfer window closes.

Foggia has been linked with a move away from the capital after the arrival of Giuseppe Sculli from Genoa this week.

Sampdoria were one of a number of clubs associated and the player's own agent has confirmed that talks are underway.

"Pasquale is very happy in Rome and he has a long contract that he intends to respect," Tiberio Cavalieri noted.

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Tuesday December 14 2010
Zeman: 'I'd never play Cassano'

Zdenek Zeman has surprisingly revealed that he would have no time for a player like Antonio Cassano.

The Czech tactician is renowned for lining up teams in an all-out attacking formation, so one would expect him to embrace a creative talent like Cassano.

However, the Italy international's histrionics have riled Zeman who backs Sampdoria President Riccardo Garrone in his efforts to get Cassano's contract rescinded.

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