Sunday October 22 2017
Montella contests Bonucci red card

Vincenzo Montella contested the Leonardo Bonucci red card and use of VAR after Milan’s 0-0 draw with Genoa. “We deserved to win.”

Inevitably, the game changed after 25 minutes when Bonucci was sent off for lashing out an elbow on Aleandro Rosi.

“It’s a difficult moment for us. Over the last few Serie A games, more or less everything has happened,” the Coach told Mediaset Premium and Sky Sport Italia.

“Today we were down to 10 men and gave everything we had. Even down to 10 men, we were the superior team on the field. At the moment things aren’t going our way, but we are united. With this spirit, the results will come.

“I tried to explain to the referee that the red card was a televisual one more than one on the field. He never looks at the opponent, as he was trying to get into position and hold off his marker. I used to do that all the time when I was a striker, but the foul was rarely given against me because I was short and wouldn’t hit the other player in the face, whereas Bonucci is really tall.

“I think VAR is bringing good things to the spot, but we have to decide if we are in a televisual world or one on the pitch. If all decisions are televisual, then there was a penalty on Jack Bonaventura and on Nikola Kalinic.

“The referees have this technology now, they want to look good and massage their egos by giving red cards, so be televisual all the way.

“Anyway, I don’t want to look like the kind of guy who complains about the referees. Bonucci was surprised. It wasn’t a very clear image. You can’t say he elbowed him on purpose.”

Montella’s status on the bench is in doubt after one point from four Serie A rounds.

“I am the Milan Coach and I am happy to be here. I want to compliment my lads for what they did on the field today, as even down to 10 men, we deserved to win. We are paying a heavy price for incidents and situations are going against us, but we can get out of this moment and we proved that today.

“Usually this type of bad luck happens in the course of a year, but it’s happening one after the other with us. Genoa don’t let you play, they made it very difficult, but even down to 10 men, we deserved to win. I am very satisfied with the performance, obviously not with the result.

“I see great faith towards me. I know I’ll be evaluated every day, but I feel confident and after these performances we need to band together even more. We are there, something great is being born.”