Friday March 29 2019
'Mother turned Kean against me!'

Moise Kean’s father has hit out at the Juventus striker’s mother for turning his son against him and is standing by his tractor story.

Kean distanced himself from Biorou Jean in a recent Instagram post, claiming ‘if I’m the man I am today, it’s thanks and only to my mother.’

“I read what he wrote, but I don’t know why my son talks like that,” the 19-year-old’s dad told Radio 24.

“It’s not easy to explain, but there’s someone beneath him. My son can’t say that. I know him, he’s a very quiet lad.

“There’s someone who’s got into his head. I don’t know if it’s out of defence, I really don’t know.

“I have a very clear conscience. I’m the one who took him to training in Turin. I’m sorry things went the way they did.

“However, I know my son can’t say these things... I haven’t seen him for seven years. I’ve only seen him on TV.

“There was a family disaster, but these things are private. I know I’ll always love him and that he loves me.

“He’s a boy I raised. I didn’t give money to his mum, but do you know why? Because before leaving home, my son was already at Juve.

“I took him to training from Asti Calcio in Turin to Torino. And from Toro to Juve. I was always with the boy, he was never abandoned. They’ve got into his head.

“He doesn’t know the story about the tractors. His mum wanted to take him to England. Juventus called me to secure the boy.

“I asked, ‘if I sign this as a father, what will you give me?’ They replied, just sign, we’ll give you whatever you ask for.

“I told them that as an agronomist, I was preparing a project. I needed a tractor or a combine harvester to work and harvest crops. They replied there would be no problems.”

“Now I have a girlfriend and I’ve bought a TV, so I won’t have any more children.

“I had so many children because I didn’t have a TV. I don’t need the money. I only need the tractor to work.”

He ended the interview with a message for his son after his two Italy goals during the international break.

“My son, I love you like you know I do, I miss you. I’ll wait for you at home to celebrate your two goals in the Italian national team.”

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