Monday August 13 2012
Ulivieri advises Zeman-Juve calm

The President of the Coaches’ Association in Italy has advised Zdenek Zeman and Juventus to both try and avoid controversy.

Zeman commented over the weekend that the 10-month ban Antonio Conte has been handed for his alleged role in the betting scandal is not good enough if he can still train the team during the week.

Juve’s director general Beppe Marotta hit back and asked that Renzo Ulivieri offer comment on the situation, which as President of the Coaches’ Association, he has.

“I think we should respect the rules and regulations that say that a suspended Coach can train his team during the week,” Ulivieri told today.

“The evaluations of the individual are then something personal, but these rules and regulations must be respected.

“Zeman’s words? That is his personal choice, I have trouble commenting on those. At this time in Italian football and even in this difficult moment for our country, I think that everyone should learn to ease off.

“It is a delicate moment for our country, I believe it is necessary to relax the tone.

“The Super Cup is a difficult situation to assess, but I would say that it is the same concept there.

“Everyone, including Napoli when they boycott the awards ceremony and Juventus when they claim to have 30 League titles, should try to avoid controversy.”