Monday May 20 2013
Biscardi: 'Berlusconi message real'

The Silvio Berlusconi letter scandal took another twist, as Il Processo di Biscardi claimed they were dictated the message in a recorded phone call.

This evening a letter supposedly from Milan President Berlusconi was read out live on television by Aldo Biscardi in a show that the patron has often appeared on.

Berlusconi was due to give a phone interview tonight, but instead sent a letter that was read out, effectively firing Coach Massimiliano Allegri and announcing “a complete re-organisation of the club structure.”

The official Milan website released a statement denying the letter was real, but Biscardi is sticking by his story.

“This evening President Berlusconi called me up personally and apologised for not being able to make the phone interview, but instead gave me this message that he said he trusted me to read without changing a single comma.

“I recorded his message on my phone and I stand by it, absolutely. If the Milan website released this statement denying it, then that is down to internal politics.”

This fuels speculation that the letter was genuine, but that Berlusconi jumped the gun, as Vice-President Adriano Galliani insisted the decision on Allegri’s future would only be made on Wednesday.