Friday August 16 2013
Mauri appeal needs 'new evidence'

The Federal Court of Appeal has requested further evidence and investigation into Stefano Mauri’s match-fixing case.

The Lazio midfielder was given a six-month ban for failing to alert authorities to a potential fix and lodged an appeal against the decision.

So did the prosecutor Stefano Palazzi, who demanded a ban of over four years for being actively involved in match-fixing.

The appeal was heard by the Court on Friday, but no decision has yet been reached. The Court requested further evidence and investigation before making its ruling.

This part of the Calcioscommesse trial revolves around two Serie A games in May 2011: Lazio 4-2 Genoa and Lecce 2-4 Lazio.

Lazio were hoping that Mauri would be cleared in time to take part in Sunday’s Italian Super Cup against Juventus, but he is now ruled out.

However, the Court of Appeal did turn down prosecutor Palazzi’s attempts to have Massimiliano Benassi, Omar Milanetto, Antonio Rosati and Alessandro Zamperini convicted of match-fixing.

They were all cleared of wrong-doing in the first trial and that was confirmed on appeal. This bodes well for Mauri, as it suggests the Court of Appeal is not convinced by the prosecutor’s case.

Stefano Ferrario’s ban for the Lecce-Lazio incident was also reduced from six months to four, but Mario Cassano’s four-month ban was increased to six on appeal.

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