Monday May 5 2014
Agnelli: No third star

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli says the club will not be adding a third star to their shirts next season.

The Old Lady clinched what is officially their 30th Scudetto yesterday following Roma’s defeat to Catania.

It is tradition for a team to add an extra star to the top of their badge for each ten League titles they win.

However, the head of the Bianconeri says the club will not acknowledge the milestone, seeing as in their eyes they have already won 32.

“We have written a page in the history of Juventus,” Agnelli said today at a Press conference. “That is to the credit of the Coach, the players and my colleagues.

“There will be no third star because, in our eyes, we have won 32 Scudetti even though the official records say we have only won 30.

“From today we are allowed to choose when to put the star on. When other teams manage to add the second star, we will add the third to show the difference between us and them.

“Failure in Europe? I’ve heard people talking about Bayern failing too but at the start of the season there were around 100 teams who were signed up for the Champions League.

“So you can say that 98 of the teams failed as none of them managed to reach the final.”